Hurricane Irma, Certified Florida Building and Roofing Contractors

Hurricane Irma – Certified Building and Roofing Contractors in Florida

We are, Hurricane Irma, Certified Florida Building and Roofing Contractors. Catastrophic Hurricane Irma as a Cat 5 storm has done its damage it is time to fix all it has broken.

Do not do excessive cleaning, though it might be tempting, note that you should not make any permanent repair works to your home. Don’t toss out harmed property. Your insurance coverage adjuster will need to see your scenario and make an offer for a payout, so making repairs or discarding ruined furniture might dramatically affect your claim

If you do need to make temporary repairs, make them short-lived repairs and take photos before you do any work. In other words, if you have a hole in your roofing or damaged windows, cover them to avoid more damage, but don’t do comprehensive work. Those damages will likely be covered by your home insurance policy if you wait for the insurance adjuster, and have a Certified Florida Building and Roofing Contractors do the temporary repairs if possible.

Submitting your claim

The insurance provider frequently deal with a first-come, first-serve basis, so it remains in your benefit to file an insurance coverage claim as quickly as you can.

Let them know you’ve made an inventory of damages and tell them whether you have or you need to relocate to a hotel, buddy’s home, or federal government shelter because of the storm. Your insurance coverage adjuster will visit your home, evaluate your damages, and figure out the size of the payout.

Since all the contractors will be very, very busy, it would be wise to hire a contractor or roofing company right-a-way to ensure you get an estimate in the works with a contractor. You can also talk with your contractor about the cash you will get from your insurance provider and about your insurance deductibles. However, do not have your contractor start work till you’ve gotten your settlement from your insurer and gotten the contractor approved by the insurance company.

Here is where we can help you, we have substantial contracting and roofing repair experience, by employing a trustworthy, certified contractor and certified roofer, you will prevent the pitfalls of bad shingle roof repairs, something rather typical when handling an inexperienced, fly-by company after a storm.

We do post-hurricane repairs and replacement, like Hurricane Irma, and we have the experience and skills to deal with any roofing system leak repair work task. With over 15 years of experience in roofing repair and installation, we make sure the task is done right, with quality items and following industry-leading requirements.

The minimum you need from your Hurricane Irma contractor or roofing contractor is.

1. Certified by the State of Florida
2. Been doing business in Florida for many years
3. Written estimate of the cost.
4. And most important is the time frame the work will be completed

We have all four of these to offer you today.

Please, contact us today for your repair quote.

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