Roofing – How To Install Exhaust Vent – Stove Dryer Bathroom – Asphalt Shingles

Installing a gooseneck roofing vent in 3 tab asphalt shingles is a process that can be repeated over and over. Installing a roofing vent in 3 tab and dimensional shingles will be the same. The difference is that 3 tabs can be racked straight up and is usually a little easier as it only involves one pass. Installing a roofing vent in dimensional shingles may involve 2 passes depending on the slope of the stairstep when laying. The process is still the same.

I like to install all types of roofing vents over the row of shingles where the vent flange will cover the nails. I have seen many others install vents as soon as the flange will go on top of a shingle. This may work, but I have seen problems with it in our area. It does not mean it won’t last in other areas, but I have to err on the side that works here. We deal with a lot more rain and wind than cold weather and that has a lot to do with the methods I use.

Now this concept can be transferred to most other penetrations when installing in asphalt shingles. Penetrations like other size gooseneck vents, lead boots, plastic boots, attic vents like 1′ x 4′ off ridge vents, roof jacks (like a gas vent), and possibly even skylights, and solar attic vents.

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